Automatic data anonymisation

We’ve been working with Ohalo, a leading company in the field of data governance, to provide an automatic tool for anonymising safety data. We’re working together to overcome one of the biggest challenges we face in sharing insights from past accidents and incidents to prevent people from being hurt at work.

Our relationship with Ohalo began in 2019 when they won our ‘Safety Accelerator’ challenge. This was aimed at bringing together the best brains in tech start-ups with the wealth of safety knowledge in HSE.

Safety data is peppered with personal information, all of which has to be redacted before the data can be shared.

Redacting data is a slow, laborious task for a human, but fast work for Ohalo’s Data X-Ray. When it was set to work on the HSE’s RIDDOR database, the results were incredibly fast and accurate.

The RIDDOR database contained 600,000 reports of serious accidents and incidents, which would have taken three people over 10 years to redact manually.

The Data X-Ray proved itself in a dramatic fashion:

  • It redacted all reports in one day, achieving
  • A 4,500x reduction in time
  • At 49 times less cost.

The tool has been used within Discovering Safety to enable further innovation:

A new RIDDOR machine-reading tool – Severity Scanner

The RIDDOR Text Analysis Tool

Get Involved

Working together to take the effort out of anonymising safety data

How to get involved

If you’d like to be part of this drive for more proactive safety, contact

Collaborate with us to gain unique insights, build new relationships, take the opportunity to contribute ideas and shape the industry, join a like-minded community, hear about new data analytic techniques and learn how they can positively impact your business and improve health and safety.

Data-sharing: we aim to develop a rich and diverse data pool with varied sources.  We have developed tools to enable safe, secure and anonymised data-sharing. You can contribute your data to the programme.

Industry endorsement: we want to solve real problems, which is why industry involvement and endorsement is key. The first phase of the programme involved extensive industry consultation to shape the projects. It is critical that industry remains involved and continues to influence and shape our work.

New ideas: innovation is essential to Discovering Safety and we welcome new ideas for projects, topics or tools.

Key benefits

This project aims to deliver tangible health and safety benefits:

  • A tool that will accurately and almost instantly anonymise safety data, so it can be shared and used to learn lessons
  • In doing so, we hope to stimulate innovation that will save lives.