Construction Risk Library project

Building on the  successful work in phase one from the construction risk knowledge management using BIM use case, where the industry need for an integrated safety and building management tool was evidenced, we have proposed to further develop a tool, in particular, to widen out its scope to include other categories of projects, work activities and categories of risks, to make use of the wider HSE reports archive and industry sourced data as part of such work, and to pilot the tool across select parts of industry (both in the UK and internationally). In addition, will start the process of creating a similar tool able to serve up useful health and safety knowledge to a project when construction works have actually started.

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Industry drivers

A number of representatives from the construction industry were consulted as part of developing the scope of this project. Much opinion was shared on the concept of “safe by design”, that is, the value of effective consideration of health and safety risks at the design stage of construction projects. The rationale behind “safe by design” is that it provides opportunities for risks to be mitigated through elimination, substitution or by engineering control at the design stages of a project rather than over reliance on administrative or end of pipe measures implemented once construction operations have actually started, which tend to be less effective options.

The tool is being tested in a number of industry pilots to gain feedback about the use of the tool which will be used to develop it further.


Aims and objectives

Working towards the creation of a prototype health and safety risks knowledge library tool, the central aim of this phase is industry testing and engagement to further develop and refine the tool. Expanding knowledge content and relevance of the tool. To achieve this a series of pilot studies using the tool on live construction projects have been launched and a community of practice built.

Key benefits

  • Creation of framework and ultimately a simple tool to support integration of H&S information into BIM tools 
  • Greater access to information for designers and planners 
  • Insights regarding best ways to mitigate risk through design and planning 
  • Reduced health and safety risks on future projects 
  • Start the process of applying the tool to the construction phase of projects 


Watch this new video where Carlos Osorio Sandoval (The University of Manchester) and Zane Ulhaq (Health and Safety Executive and Atkins Global) talk us through the Construction Risk Library project.