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To express an interest in contributing to the initial proof of concept work or for further details on the Discovering Safety Programme more generally, please contact the project team at the following email address: discoveringsafety@hse.gov.uk 


Building the World’s First Industrial Safetytech Regulatory Sandbox Case Studies


Five technology companies, from an initial field of over 200 were chosen via the Sandbox selection criteria to participate in investigative studies exploring challenge areas identified in collaboration with companies from the UK construction sector.

Creating the first Industrial Safetytech Regulatory Sandbox for the UK construction sector


The Industrial Safetytech Regulatory Sandbox, funded by the Regulators’ Pioneer Fund, provided a successful framework for HSE to explore the potential for new technology to help improve health and safety performance and compliance.

Digital Health and Safety Risk Library Use Case


This report presents the work undertaken during the Phase 2 – from June 2020 to June 2021 – of the BIM Risk Library Use Case of the Discovering Safety programme.