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Discovering Safety and Lloyd's Register Safety Accelerator Challenge

Automatic Anonymising and Desensitising Of Data 

web scraping

Web scraping health and safety intelligence

Of the vast amount of information on the Internet, most is plain text.

industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 implications for health and safety

‘Industry 4.0’, the name given to the emerging use of a suite of technologies across many industry sectors, is revolutionising industrial operations in workplaces.

Confined spaces

Confined spaces

Confined spaces continue to cause significant harm around the world and confined space deaths continue to occur in the UK.
Cement industry health and safety

International insights in the cement industry

This study aims to explore the possibility of sharing existing knowledge with regards to creating an industrial database for these prevalent hazards within the cement industry, which will incorporate the high risk activities


Development of capacities to extract health and safety insights from free-text sources

As recent developments in text mining, natural language processing and machine learning are becoming more mainstream, the task of generating data driven insights and learning from health and safety operational intelligence, particularly from


Health and safety performance benchmarking

Organisations generate a wealth of routine health and safety data as part of day-to-day operations that provide a useful proxy measure of how well they manage their health and safety risks as an organisation.


Leading indicators of health and safety failures project

Much industry guidance has been published over recent years, specific to different industry contexts, on how to better use leading indicators of health and safety performance to support assessments of the adequacy of workplace risk control m

Product safety

Product safety intelligence

Mass manufactured products are used by both consumers (public) and industrial users for work activities.

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To express an interest in contributing to the initial proof of concept work or for further details on the Discovering Safety Programme more generally, please contact the project team at the following email address: discoveringsafety@hse.gov.uk 


Research into worldwide public safety diving operations and incidents


Across the world 50 Public Safety Divers (PSD) from the Police and Fire and Rescue services around the world from 2005 to the present, have died either during deployment in an attempt to rescue someone that has a

Safety of confined spaces – A feasibility study for data-driven decision making


Confined space incidents continue to be leading sources of multiple fatalities in industry in Great Britain and around the world.