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Building on the  successful work in phase one from the construction risk knowledge management using BIM use case, where the industry need for an integrated safety and building management tool was evidenced, we have proposed to further develop a tool, in particular, to widen out its scope to inclu

Digital tool unlocks new heights of safety performance for the construction sector

The Safetibase Risk Suggestion Tool is set to revolutionise the construction sector by enabling virtual collaboration and providing safety critical information at designer’s fingertips.
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Using AI in construction sites to reduce injuries and save lives - new white paper released

Patterns of hazardous conduct have become increasingly more difficult to find and therefore more difficult to ta

Construction safety risk library phase one outputs

Building information modelling is a process for managing information on a construction project across the project lifecycle.
BIM Sterring Comittee

BIM digital risk library

Second steering committee meeting, 28 November 2019<

Five facts on work-related injuries and fatalities for the construction industry in Great Britain

Here are our five facts on work-related injuries and fatalities for the construction industry in Great Britain 
Construction risk knowledge management using BIM

Construction risk knowledge management - first steering committee meeting

The first steering committee meeting for the BIM project took place at the University of Manchester, attended by 14 construction sector representatives from industry (Jacobs, AEC, Arup, Costain, Arcadis), academia (Universit

Construction risk knowledge management using BIM

Building Information Modelling (BIM) supports the digitisation of asset build projects and uses information relating to the asset of interest to build a three dimensional model with supporting intelligent, structured data attached.