BIM digital risk library

Second steering committee meeting, 28 November 2019

Attendees contributed to the second steering committee meeting of the project from industry, academia and government. 

The day consisted of an update of work completed to date, an open discussion of the research project and three sets of interactive exercises for attendees to complete. 

The three exercises specifically captured attendee thoughts concerning the prototype tool under development for the trial scenario “Falling from Edge”:

  • Exercise 1: extracting concepts from riddors and press releases
  • Exercise 2: linking mitigation plans to scenarios
  • Exercise 3: suggesting mitigation plans for scenarios

It was a positive day of activities with some challenging questions being raised around the viability of the prototype tool and how designers think/execute their work. The basic concepts won support from attendees and cautious approval about overall project aim/objectives. Further consultation/reflection was seen as essential in future development of tool.

Specific outcomes: positive industry comments on the ongoing research programme; active input for three exercises into the prototype tool under development; commitment to support further research activities/workshops for the project.

Workshop outputs are helping inform ongoing delivery of work. In particular, learning from the exploration of how planners and designers think when executing their work is being used to help further develop functionality associated with the prototype tool. In addition, discussions emphasised the value in bringing together a group of planners and designers more formally to provide input To future stages of the work. This is currently being explored.

If you would like to know more about this project please see the Construction risk knowledge management using BIM project page. If you would like to know how you can get involved too please email