Construction Risk Library project

Discovering Safety is working with the construction industry, academia and tech providers to develop a Construction Risk Library. This will be a bank of standardised data and processes that reduce or mitigate safety risks in construction. These can then be ‘designed in’ at an early stage, so that risks never make it to the construction site.

We are using construction as a starting point - this is one of the most dangerous of all industries, where last year 81,000 UK workers suffered job-related injuries or illness. The Construction Risk Library will allow the construction industry to go further than ever before in eliminating safety risks from the earliest design stage of a project.

In developing the Construction Risk Library, we’ve worked alongside:

  • Atkins (one of the biggest international names in design engineering, digital and data in the construction industry)
  • The University of Manchester
  • Software company, 3D Repo.

We’re now testing the Construction Risk Library in sectors outside construction, including the pharmaceutical industry, where we’re working with AstraZeneca.

Get Involved

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Join the community of practice by registering to the members area above. You will have access to the report library and be able to join in the conversation about the live pilots.

Collaborate with us to gain unique insights, build new relationships, take the opportunity to contribute ideas and shape the industry, join a like-minded community, hear about new data analytic techniques and learn how they can positively impact your business, and use data to improve health and safety.

Data-sharing: we aim to develop a rich and diverse data pool with varied sources. Secure platforms are being developed in the early stages of the programme to enable safe, secure and anonymised data-sharing. You can contribute your data to the programme. 

Industry endorsement: we want to solve real problems, which is why industry involvement and endorsement is key. The first phase of the programme involved extensive industry consultation to shape the projects. It is critical that industry remains involved and continues to influence and shape our work. 

New ideas: innovation is essential to Discovering Safety and we welcome new ideas for projects, topics or tools.

Key benefits

The Construction Risk Library will help eliminate safety risks from the earliest stage of design.

  • It will help to break down barriers between design and construction by encouraging collaboration
  • Designs will be enhanced with knowledge of risks from the people who will build them on site.

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