HSE annual stats report

HSE releases its 2018/19 annual statistics report

Today, HSE has released Great Britain’s annual injury and ill-health statistics (2018/19).  
O Halo

Discovering Safety and Lloyd's Register Safety Accelerator Challenge

Automatic Anonymising and Desensitising Of Data 

Development of capacities to extract health and safety insights from free-text sources

As recent developments in text mining, natural language processing and machine learning are becoming more mainstream, the task of generating data driven insights and learning from health and safety operational intelligence, particularly from

Leading indicators of health and safety failures project

Much industry guidance has been published over recent years, specific to different industry contexts, on how to better use leading indicators of health and safety performance to support assessments of the adequacy of workplace risk control m
Product safety

Product safety intelligence

Mass manufactured products are used by both consumers (public) and industrial users for work activities.