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Collaboration is at the heart of Discovering Safety and there are many ways you and your organisation can get involved and benefit from insider knowledge.

Leading indicators

We’re working with the University of Manchester and the construction industry to provide the evidence base for using ‘leading indicators’ in preventing harm at work.

Digital tool unlocks new heights of safety performance for the construction sector

The Safetibase Risk Suggestion Tool is set to revolutionise the construction sector by enabling virtual collaboration and providing safety critical information at designer’s fingertips.
Working together

New event just announced!

Join the Discovering Safety team and share experiences and explore how to use tools and techniques to access and improve your use of safety data.

Phase one outputs from development of capacities to extract health and safety insights from free-text sources

The text mining project being delivered as part of the LRF Discovering Safety Programme is looking to build upon existing state of the art text mining and natural language processing to develop a suite of text mining and natural language processing tools and techniques for specific use on unstruc

Product safety intelligence phase one outputs

Product safety issues have the potential to affect large numbers of people at work and in the community. A single design flaw will be replicated many times and product recalls are costly and rarely recover anything more than a small proportion of defective products.

Leading indicators of health and safety failures phase one outputs

The Discovering Safety Programme’s leading indicator industry use case is looking to support organisations in the collection and analysis of health and safety lead indicators intelligence as part of drives to promote more proactive health and safety practice across their organisations.

Ohalo Data X-Ray anonymisation evaluation for phase one of the Lloyds Accelerator Challenge

The effectiveness of the Ohalo Data X-Ray anonymisation has been evaluated in comparison to manual anonymisation.
HSE annual stats report

HSE releases its 2018/19 annual statistics report

Today, HSE has released Great Britain’s annual injury and ill-health statistics (2018/19).