Five facts on work-related injuries and fatalities for the construction industry in Great Britain

Here are our five facts on work-related injuries and fatalities for the construction industry in Great Britain 

Text mining

What is text mining?

Many organisations hold a huge volume of data, which may be numeric (perhaps measurements from scientific instruments, or financial book-keeping data) or written text.
Fully equipped rescue divers and lifeguard of German DLRG

How international public safety divers are 'Discovering Safety'

The Public Safety Diver (PSD) Workshop was held on July 22 using an interactive media system to allow for members of PSD teams from around the world to participate with those based in the UK. Invitees included:
Workplace injury 2

Five fatal injury facts

With HSE releasing the ‘Workplace fatal injuries in Great Britain, 2019’ here

Cement workshop delegates

Health and safety performance in high hazard industries workshop

On the 8th July we held an extremely interactive and practical stakeholders’ workshop in a very sunny Nigeria.

Professor Richard Clegg

Discovering Safety launch

The official launch of the ambitious Discovering Safety programme was held on the 26th June 2019 at Lloyd’s Register building in London. Industry leaders were invited to hear how world leading science will be used to discover key insights from data that will impact safety outcomes, identify…

Foresight series: robotics and automous systems (RAS)

Robotics and autonomous systems (RAS) are programmable machines - often stand-alone- that can carry out complex tasks with a high degree of autonomy they are expected to have a major impact on most economic sectors in the next 10 years.
Autonomous and unmanned technology

Foresight series: handing over control - autonomous and unmanned technology

Autonomous vehicles (AV), also known as self-driving, driverless or unmanned vehicles including aerial systems such as drones, can be equipped with an array of powerful technology (e.g. RADAR, lasers, cameras, global positioning system (GPS) computers, AI and 3D maps). This enables AV to sense,…
Artificial intelligence (AI)

Foresight series: AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be defined as a branch of computer science concerned with creating more ‘intelligent’ machines.

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