Discovering Safety launch

The official launch of the ambitious Discovering Safety programme was held on the 26th June 2019 at Lloyd’s Register building in London. Industry leaders were invited to hear how world leading science will be used to discover key insights from data that will impact safety outcomes, identify improvements and develop industry endorsed solutions.

The afternoon also included presentations from the programme’s innovation partners Oxford University, Polecat, Lloyd’s Register Safety accelerator and OHalo, Delegates learnt how they can collaborate with the programme to address specific industry issues and how Discovering Safety will be sharing their learning globally.  

“I found the whole day incredibly interesting and I am excited to see the direction this is moving, with the HSE behind it too. It was great to connect with the team and to see how Sodexo can support what I see is a critically important programme.” 

UK&I HSE Director, Service Operations Sodexo 

An important aspect of the programme is to identify and understand stakeholders and their needs and explore how wider communities in different sectors can and want to get involved. The programme team are also looking to explore new sources of data that could be included in the programme and develop innovative new use cases to address new industry challenges as the programme progresses. It is anticipated that the outputs and benefits from the programme will posivitily impact the health and safety communities both nationally and internationally. As such the programme team would like to invite you to get involved as we start this exciting new programme of work. Please visit our get involved page to find out how.