Research into worldwide public safety diving operations and incidents

Across the world 50 Public Safety Divers (PSD) from the Police and Fire and Rescue services around the world from 2005 to the present, have died either during deployment in an attempt to rescue someone that has already been in the water beyond what might be survivable or during a training scenari
Fully equipped rescue divers and lifeguard of German DLRG

Diving in dark water – A new take on public safety diving

So who am I? I’m Nick Bailey and I’m a diving safety scientist for Health and Safety Executive (HSE). I’ve worked for HSE for 15 years and been involved in many research projects including Dive fatalities, Diving helmet impact testing and Emergency gas provision to divers. I’ve provided expert…
Fully equipped rescue divers and lifeguard of German DLRG

How international public safety divers are 'Discovering Safety'

The Public Safety Diver (PSD) Workshop was held on July 22 using an interactive media system to allow for members of PSD teams from around the world to participate with those based in the UK. Invitees included:

Public safety diver workshop

** Amended date** 22nd July 14:00 BST, 15:00 CE, 08:00 EST
Diving Equipment

Diving project

Diving is known to be a high risk activity where the worker is in an environment that is hostile to normal human existence and requires a life support system and knowledge of physiological limitations to be able to carry out