Data discovery and mapping

In May 2019, Discovering Safety attended an annual technology conference in Silicon Valley, California hosted by Plug & Play.

Plug & Play are a Silicon Valley based company that connect the largest corporations to the world’s best technology start-ups through industry-focused accelerator programmes. The idea behind us attending the event was to see if a technology start-up could be found to help Discovering Safety solve some of its early data science challenges, most notably, the automatic desensitisation of its entire data archive, thereby ensuring compliance with recently introduced data protection legislation.

Over the three days of the conference we heard pitches from over one hundred start-ups who proposed a multitude of ways in which the bespoke state of the art technology solutions could be used to address common safety challenges in the data space. After shortlisting three companies and hearing in more detail from them at the conference a company called Ohalo was chosen to deliver an initial three month pilot study. Ohalo proposed to use their state of the art product Data X-Ray to help solve our data desensitisation problem.

Ohalo’s strategic goal as a company is to make data aware of what regulations apply to it allowing the organisations it works with to ensure that the correct data controls are implemented no matter whether data is within their own organisation or at third party partners.

New Technique: Data X-Ray Data

 Ohalo believe that modern organisations need to know what data they have and show how they are managing that data. The Data X-Ray allows organisations to do this in just one press of a button. Over time, the Data X-Ray is saving businesses millions in monitoring and mapping their data sources.

 This technique is used to:

  • Automate data classification, discovery, and mapping.
  • Find data relevant to processes and know what to do about it.
  • Scan databases for sensitive data to understand and report on risk using machine learning algorithms.
  • Scan databases and cloud storage for special categories of sensitive data using machine learning algorithm.
  • Easily show internal stakeholders, clients, and regulators results from the scanned services.
  • Integrate with native business intelligence solutions through beautiful UI or API.