Delivering health and safety benefits through a data-driven global community


Imagine a world where no one dies as a consequence of work, where industry doesn’t suffer catastrophic failure, where companies can say that no one was harmed in the making of their product and where accidents can be predicted and therefore prevented

Strategic aim

Central to the Discovering Safety programme is the development of new techniques to analyse data and aggregate data from sources worldwide, the key output being new learning to help prevent future accidents occurring.

The programme will work with industry, academics and governments from the global community, generating bespoke solutions for local contexts, including the challenges faced in developing countries.

Discovering Safety timeline

It will be built around the creation of a global knowledge resource comprising HSE’s comprehensive accident and incident investigation information, which spans the majority industries and covers the past 40 years. This will be augmented by other rich sources of information from across the globe.

Once assembled, users will be able to access a research and development environment to discover novel ways to exploit health and safety data. The knowledge resource will  be mined and analysed by our experts to gain deep understanding of why, and how, safety and health failures occur around the world.

The outputs will be disseminated through an international programme of training, education, and practical solutions, that will improve global health and safety performance, resulting in many lives saved, and a safer working world.


Delivering health and safety benefits through a data-driven global community