Leading indicators for health and safety performance assessment project

Imagine a world where incidents can be predicted and prevented. This project supports the construction industry in the collection and analysis of health and safety lead indicators intelligence as part of drives to promote more proactive health and safety practice on construction projects. 

The aim is to establish an evidence base along with a suite of supporting data analytic tools and techniques as part of efforts to enable more proactive health and safety to be practiced by better leveraging of the knowledge value of routine datasets.

The project consists of a number of phases which collectively commenced in 2019 and are due to complete in 2022. The project delivery team are working with representatives from across the construction industry in the UK and Ireland, including the companies BAM Nuttall, Multiplex, John Sisk, Blu-3 and BMC.

  1. Phase 1 work, delivered in partnership with the University of Manchester’s School of Engineering, developed a practical framework for using leading indicators of health and safety performance on construction projects along with a supporting evidence base detailing key rationale.
  2. Phase 2 work, delivered in partnership with the commercial organisation Wood, worked with a number of contractors from across the construction industry in the UK and Ireland to consider the practicalities of using the framework on their projects and how their routine health and safety datasets could be used for this purpose. As part of this work, a number of data analytic tools and techniques are being developed and trialled.
  3. Work planned in Phase 3 of the project is exploring how such tools might be made available for general industry use.
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Aims and objectives

  • The work aims to develop a framework that industry can use to help them use their routine health and safety datasets more effectively
  • understand the current analytic tools market and key capability gaps
  • develop a suite of novel data analytic tools that industry can use to help generate useful insight from their data
  • support organisations in deploying such tools effectively on projects


Key benefits

  • Improved health and safety performance
  • Improvements in business performance due to better control of risk
  • Better strategic use of leading indicators of safety performance across the construction industry
  • better exploitation of existing data sources
  • plugging of data gaps
  • Lay foundations for being able to deploy predictive analytic techniques
  • Better targeting of health and safety resources
  • Move from reactive to more proactive, preventative health and safety practice


Key Outputs of Project Work to date

  • Phase 1 report, lead indicators framework
  • Phase 2 interim reports, contractors workshops, contractors data exploration work
  • Technical showcase video


Project delivery partners and industry contributors

  • University of Manchester School of Engineering
  • University of Manchester National Centre for Text Mining
  • Wood
  • Multiplex, BAM Nuttall, John Sisk, Blu-3, BCM, HS2


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