Safety leading indicators in construction paper is published

We are delighted to announce that our Safety leading indicators in construction: A systematic review paper written by our team at the University of Manchester, has been published in the Safety Science journal



• A systematic review of safety leading indicators in construction industry is undertaken.

• A working definition and an integrated framework of safety leading indicators are presented.

• Sixteen safety leading indicators categorized into two dimensions are presented.

• Actions for researchers and practitioners are outlined.



Safety leading indicators have been investigated as an emergent area in the construction industry. Yet the fundamental concepts of leading indicators, including definitions, viability and effectiveness, have not been commonly agreed. Despite this, various indicators have been proposed in construction management research. However, the findings are sporadic, and the relationships between proposed leading indicators and accident attributors remain unclear. This knowledge gap can hamper the implementation of safety leading indicators and proactive safety management in the construction industry. Based on a systematic literature review, the present study aims to: develop a common working definition of safety leading indicator for a better understanding of the current research in the construction sector; identify construction safety leading indicators; and create an integrated framework that fits in the complex and fragment structure of the construction industry for proactive safety management. The findings revealed sixteen indicators that were categorized into two dimensions to: 1) measure the safety performance of firms, projects or groups and individuals; and 2) identify potential incidents and injuries caused by organizational, operational or cognitive and behavioural issues. The findings call for researchers and practitioners to take an ecosystem perspective, consider the temporal effects, and combine qualitative and quantitative measurements in future research and implementing safety leading indicators in the construction industry.


Go to Safety leading indicators in construction: A systematic review - ScienceDirect to read the full paper.