Loss of containment insights project workshop

This interactive workshop took place on 19 November 2019 at the University of Manchester’s Sackville Street building in the heart of Manchester city centre. The day was a professionally facilitated workshop which addressed a number of themes relating to the technical aspects of the project but also other observations which would enable the project to add most value to industry. Delegates were from a range of design, operations and trade bodies working in the onshore process industries. The aim of the project is to extract reliable process safety intelligence from a range of unstructured and chaotic data sources, without imposing new data collection burdens on end users. This can be used to prevent and mitigate Loss of Containment (LoC) events which, in turn, can result in fires, explosions and toxic releases affecting the offsite public as well as workers.

The themes explored at the workshop included:

  • Understanding key industry drivers, such as key priorities and business drivers for improving the use of LoC intelligence.
  • Considering key data sources globally which could be used to augment the data the team are already processing from the Health & Safety Executive’s (HSE’s) own systems.
  • Seeking views on the development of taxonomies to use with Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to extract meaningful insight from unstructured free text.
  • How best to engage with the onshore process industry going forward, recognising the diversity of the sector.
  • Ideas for sustainability of the resources developed by the programme.

Delegates were very engaged with the workshop and a number of key issues emerged. The team will now follow up delegate recommendations and engage with the Process Safety Forum and other operators. They will also invest more time in exploring data anonymisation and other data trust issues, which it is clear are essential for practical sharing of other datasets.