Using AI in construction sites to reduce injuries and save lives - new white paper released

Patterns of hazardous conduct have become increasingly more difficult to find and therefore more difficult to target and prevent. Health and safety experts need to adapt and innovate—to apply the latest in data science and Artificial Intelligence to continue to push the trend of health and safety incidents downward.

To this end, BAM Nuttall, in collaboration with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), formed a new joint project delivered as part of Discovering Safety, each providing data to tackle the challenge and seek new insights for the construction sector. 

Through Discovering Safety, two leading technology partners,  Mind Foundry and Oxford Semantic Technologies, were commissioned to tackle the complex technical issues at hand. Oxford Semantic Technologies would apply its proprietary knowledge graphing technology, RDFox, to curate a master knowledge graph from complex data sets that health and safety experts could interrogate using Mind Foundry’s end-to-end Machine Learning Platform. 

In a matter of weeks, the collaboration has enabled health and safety users to uncover meaningful insights in their data and develop predictive models related to project inspection performance.

Click here to read more on this project and download the new white paper.