Interactive second stakeholders workshop on health and safety performance in cement industries

An interactive session among stakeholders in the cement industry both in UK and Nigeria was held on the 5th of September, 2019 in the University of Manchester. This was the second stakeholders workshop on health and safety performance in cement industries.

The workshop attracted delegates from academia in Nigeria and UK (including University of Manchester, Leeds University, Manchester Metropolitan University, Yaba College of Technology, Gombe State University and University of Lagos), major cement operators in Nigeria (LafargeHolcim PLC) and UK (Breedon Cement PLC) as well as health and Safety regulators (HSE-UK and Federal Ministry of Health/Federal Medical Centre Gombe).

The workshop was a focus-group style discussion aimed to foster knowledge transfer between UK-based institutions and the Nigerian delegates as well as understand possible commonalities that may exist within cement plants globally.

Four focus group discussions with the following themes were deliberated on among stakeholders (UK and Nigeria)  to share ideas;

Theme 1: General state of H&S data in the cement industry

Theme 2: To what extent are health factors incorporated into H&S performance indicators in the cement industry?

Theme 3: What health factors can be easily incorporated into existing H&S performance measurement frameworks in the cement industry?

Theme 4: How can we better incorporate health factors into cement operations?

Interestingly, the core message from both countries is the skewness of existing H&S indicators towards occupational safety and less of health which immensely emphasises the need to identify easy-to-monitor health parameters for global cement operations.